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Home of the funniest woman in the world!! 
Welcome to my Website! 
Finally I've decided to join the 21st Century and send my shit out into cyber-space (Kinda Scary!) You could either be: 
A "Fan"... (someone with impeccable taste!) 
A "Talent Agent"... (I'll do anything to get ahead... no, really... anything!) 
Another "Comic"... (Curious to check out the competition.) 
A "Hater"... (F-off and die, you piece of crap!) 
or some "Perv" who just likes Fat Funny Broads... (You sick bastard!) 
...Whoever you are... I'm glad you're checking me out! Hope to see you at a gig some night! 
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Stephanie is available!.... for all kinds of parties... birthday, anniversary, bachelor, childrens... hahaha  
To send Stephanie a message please use the form below... or email her directly at comedydiva@hotmail.com 
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